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Sunday, May 14, 2006

The St John of Jerusalem Eye Hospital

The St John of Jerusalem Eye Hospital is run by the Order of St John and relies entirely on voluntary donations. The medical and nursing staff treat everyone regardless of race, sex or creed. It is truely a marvelous organisation. Indeed, when I visited the hospital a few years ago, the experience brought tears to my own eyes, it is that emotive.

Below is a section from a recent letter from the Chief Executive of the Eye Hospital:

'Many Palestinians live without access to medical care. Most cannot move freely to see family and friends. Nearly half live below the poverty line. Last year we treated over 64,000 patients, including 3,000 major and 1500 minor operations.'

Perhaps I could encourage you to take a few moments to visit the website for this wonderful hospital and to consider how you might be able to help, even in some small way:


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Anonymous said...

"To be restored to light" is the wish of many. The dedicated staff of the St John Eye Hospital make this possible for those that would otherwise spend their lives in darkness.