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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Research I Can Warm To

The independent food research organisation, Leatherhead Foods International, has recently conducted a study on behalf of the Countryside Alliance. The results are music to my gastronomic ears.

Apparently, there are more benefits to eating game than previously realised. Meats such as pheasant, partridge, venison and quail are not only low in cholesterol, but additionally have high levels of selenium. Selenium boosts the immune system, may have an anti-oxidant effect (good in helping to prevent cancers) and can elevate mood.

Bearing in mind that a glass or two of red wine per day is also thought to have its benefits, what better way to ward off the winter blues than to partake in a meal of game, washed down by a decent glass of claret?

I haven’t had breakfast yet…but I am already looking forward to dinner…


Anonymous said...

If only I had known this piece of information when pulling a rather demised pheasant from the front of my car!!!!!

As for the red wine, any excuse.........

Robert M Jaggs-Fowler said...

Especially since Mrs Punch (if I am making the correct assumptions here in respect to the pseudonym)is a recent, enthusiastic convert to the glorious world of red wine!

Robert M Jaggs-Fowler said...
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