Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Publication of Collection of Poetry

Well, there comes a time when a pseudonym has to be revealed for the person behind it! This is one of the moments...

This month sees the publication of my first collection of poetry.

A Journey with Time

is available in both hardback and paperback versions and is currently available from:


In a few weeks, it should also be appearing on Amazon and Waterstones.com

For a taster, here is the blurb from the jacket:

" 'A Journey with Time' is Robert Jaggs-Fowler's first collection of poems, the subject matter drawing on his love of nature, travel, books and music, as well as exploring the more intense emotions of love and loss. At times amusing, often poignant, 'A Journey with Time' reveals the inner workings of a sensitive human being who is in touch with far more than just life's daily toil."

If you are kind enough to buy a copy, please do feel free to come back to me with any comments.

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