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Brother Mark is a pseudonym of The Reverend Dr Robert Jaggs-Fowler, a clergyman, physician, writer and poet. His biography can be found at: www.robertjaggsfowler.com

Sunday, November 14, 2010

A Poem For Remembrance Sunday

The Remembrance Day Parade

As he walked up to the rostrum,

silence round him fell;

and whilst he gazed upon the steadfast ranks,

emotive lines began to tell.

Too many lives were lost before today:

young men and women – yesterday's youth.

They were the cheques we drew to pay

for the blinded search for fallacious truth.

You are the inspired; the fortunate few

who have lived through to this day;

the ones who now must tell the world

to find a better way.

It is the charge of those who live

beyond vanquished dreams of many men,

to find the strength to forgive;

to learn and love as best you can.

And in so doing, let us ensure

a sense of remembrance, not of rage -

may this quietude beyond the war

turn pugnacious soldier to reflective sage.

Thus, he stood upon the rostrum as

the silence round him fell,

and gazed upon the steadfast ranks

of those returned from hell.

© Copyright Dr Robert M Jaggs-Fowler 2008

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