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Brother Mark is a pseudonym of The Reverend Dr Robert Jaggs-Fowler, a clergyman, physician, writer and poet. His biography can be found at: www.robertjaggsfowler.com

Saturday, May 07, 2011

The Coffin

I this week discovered that a poem from my first collection was used at a recent funeral.

It is always a momentous occasion to send a piece of work out into the world for public consumption, as one never quite knows how it will be received. It is therefore rewarding to know that some poems subsequently take on a life of their own.

The poem in question is The Coffin, taken from the collection A Journey with Time (ISBN 978-1-4092-2847-9), first published in 2008.

The Coffin

A lifetime encased:

your boundless intellect and

energy, swathed in

a vast cloak of achievement,

simply borne by two trestles.

©Copyright Robert M Jaggs-Fowler 2008

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