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Monday, February 20, 2006

Writing? It's an Obsession!

Writing is, quite rightly, considered a craft. However, it is an obsessive one at that. If a writer isn't writing, thinking about writing, reading what he or she has written, revising what has been written, looking for an outlet for the finished work, reconciling the writing accounts or, the more likely, opening the rejection slips, then he finds himself reading other writers' blogs about...yes, you guessed it...writing!

Which is precisely what I found myself doing this morning.

I am happy to pass this contact onto you and hope you find it as interesting as I did:

Writers' Blog can be found at: www.weejie.blogspot.com


Nickipicki said...

Hi. Thanks for visiting Writers' Blog and for your very kind comments. It warms our collective heart (what a thought!) to see that all writers seem to struggle in the same way. Whether it encourages or otherwise is debatable.

Best of luck with your own creative efforts. We shall return to your blog many times, I'm sure.


Robert M Jaggs-Fowler said...

As psychologists say, nothing like a good 'group hug' to keep the morale up!

Dr T