Wednesday, April 26, 2006

St. John Ambulance: National News & Events

St. John Ambulance: National News & Events: "Thousands Treated by St. John Ambulance at London Marathon

St. John Ambulance treated a total of 4229 people at this weekend’s Flora London Marathon; 78 were transported to hospital for further treatment or examination and one person was successfully resuscitated. No fatalities have been reported.

Over 1,200 St. John Ambulance volunteers were on duty to provide First Aid support. Amongst other supplies, the UK's leading First Aid charity provided 51 ambulances, 45 treatment centres, 100 defibrillators, 5,000 foil blankets, 200 bottles of baby oil and 88 lbs of petroleum jelly.

'Our volunteers are trained and equipped to deal with everything from blisters to heart attacks,' said Seamus Kelly OBE, St. John Ambulance Commissioner London. 'We're confident that everyone who needed our assistance will have received the best possible care and wish them a swift recovery.'

The charity has provided First Aid cover at the Marathon since it started in 1981 and the vast majority of runners treated by St. John Ambulance go on to finish the race."

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