Sunday, April 09, 2006

Win the Lottery and Save a Life

It gives me great pleasure to help in the promotion of a new lottery partnership for St. John Ambulance.

St. John Ambulance will be one of 70 charity partners to benefit from a brand new online lottery, to be launched in May 2006, which is fairer for players and charities alike.

How does it work?
  • Set up in partnership with Chariot (UK) plc, the new lottery hopes to raise over £150 million for UK charities each year.
  • Charities will get 30% of every ticket sold: more than five times what they get from every National Lottery ticket.
  • Players benefit with increased chances of winning a jackpot and better prizes for matching fewer numbers.
  • Chariot will be running the lotteries and selling the lottery tickets.
  • St. John Ambulance will have five lotteries a year with the potential to earn up to £600,000 from each lottery.
  • You'll soon be seeing lots of promotions for the new lottery everywhere, including TV, Radio and the Press.
  • When buying a ticket, participants will be asked to choose which of the five listed charities each week they would like to 'donate' 30p of their ticket cost.
  • The first St John Ambulance lottery draw will be taking place on Monday 22nd May, with the opportunity to vote for St. John Ambulance during the week of 16th - 22nd May 2006.

It could potentially raise up to £3million for St. John Ambulance each year. Please help us to make it a success.

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