Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Between The Acts…

I am uncertain as to where I originally discovered this lovely piece of prose. It was certainly many years ago. I have a flickering memory of it possibly being engraved onto a lectern, or a prayer stool or some such piece of wooden furniture in a small country church somewhere in England. I have been unable to find out who wrote it. However, whatever its origins, it remains a beautiful piece of thought-provoking work. I think the words are worth remembering when it comes to personal times of trial:

There are intervals in Life. The show can’t run non-stop. In between the acts there comes a pause. The curtain drops. Circumstances take a hand and something -unforeseen - comes along and breaks the pattern of the old routine. Illness, upheavals or a cruel turn of fate – call a halt and there is nothing you can do but wait.

While you’re waiting, learn the grace of faith and fortitude – as your life is being changed and problems reviewed. Intervals there have to be; accept them. Face the facts. Wisely use the quiet times that come between the Acts.

Author unknown.

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