Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Story Concept

How is this for an idea for the basis of a story?

Mother accompanies daughter (in her twenties) to the doctor’s surgery. Daughter is complaining of back pain and lower abdominal pain of one day’s duration. Mother comments that daughter needs to loose weight. Daughter says she has been taking contraceptive pill and so cannot be pregnant. Doctor examines her and makes the diagnosis of a full term pregnancy in the early stages of labour. Cue expressions of complete surprise from both mother and daughter.

Mother then telephones daughter’s boy friend. He is, at that moment, in church attending the funeral of the stillborn child of his girlfriend’s sister. He expresses his disbelief in a series of four-lettered words, whereupon he has to hang up as the ‘vicar’ is giving him ‘funny looks’. He agrees to leave the funeral service and will meet his girl friend on the labour ward at the hospital.

Are you still following this? I agree. It would never work as a plot.

But then, sometimes truth is stranger than fiction…

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